Cyber Security Competition Sample Questions

Primary School Division

1. Which of the followings can prevent computer from virus infection?

  • A. Anti-virus software
  • B. Word processing
  • C. Computer game
  • D. Web browsing application

The answer is A.

2. Below are computer storage units, which one is the biggest?

  • A. 1 MB
  • B. 1 bit
  • C. 1 byte
  • D. 1 GB

The answer is D.

Secondary School and Tertiary Student Divisions

1. Which of the following is invalid in octal presentation?

  • A. 76
  • B. 58
  • C. 32
  • D. 21

The answer is B.

2. Which of following government departments is responsible for tackling technology crime?

  • A. Innovation and Technology Commission
  • B. Department of Justice
  • C. Hong Kong Police Force
  • D. Hong Kong Productivity Council

The answer is C.